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Exciting times for Novelle Artisan Furniture!

Welcome to Novelle Artisan Furniture's beautiful new website! Designed to be user friendly, informative and inspiring, the Novelle site showcases the brand's collection of fine bespoke furniture in a way that makes it easier for visitors to visualise their new dream kitchen.

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The War On Clutter

None of us exactly 'like' clutter and we know that life runs more smoothly without it, but getting rid of it? That's quite another matter. According to the Houzz Kitchen Trends Study for 2018, dispensing with unwanted clutter is one of the biggest motivations for UK residents to renovate their kitchens this year, and we are all over that!

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Kitchen Extension Ideas

Whilst there are many different ways to maximise storage and space in a smaller kitchen, you may wish to consider a kitchen extension to achieve the space you desire.

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Kitchen Storage Solutions

Plan your kitchen storage for maximum efficiency and cleverly match it to your lifestyle.

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